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Everyone has psychic abilities. Most just don't know how to use them. But what if you could?

Imagine you have full command of your innate psychic intuitive abilities.

Here’s what you could do:

  • Know in advance how to make the best, most well informed decisions about your career, financial investments, and relationships – for both yourself and others
  • Identify and release blocks holding you (and others) back, preventing you from living the life you genuinely desire
  • Unlock the power of your subconscious mind to gain psychic insight into the motives of others, and also reveal and evaluate your own subconscious drives
  • Tune into your personal spirt guides and angels (your conduit to the UNIVERSE’S collective energetic power) for guidance in spiritual growth, personal development and how to live the best, most rewarding life possible
  • Protect yourself from the psychic attack of negative, damaging people and situations that drain you, deplete your energy and sap your life force
  • Learn how to perform readings on yourself and others just like the pros!
  • And do it all ON DEMAND – at a moment’s notice

Sounds AMAZING, right?

It IS! But how do you do it?! Aren’t psychics born with a “special gift?”

Being Psychic IS NOT a Special Gift – Anyone Can Do it!

Forget what you’ve heard. Psychic intuition isn’t a “gift.” It’s a skill that ANYONE can master. You just need the right tools and proper guidance.

And that’s exactly what Activate Your Psychic Super Powers provides. 

In fact, we ourselves learned how to be psychic. 

So if we can do it, anyone can. EVEN YOU!


Activate Your Psychic Super Powers is the path to mastering your psychic intuition!

Your innate psychic intuition is a POWERFUL force. The Activate program will help you quickly and easily access this natural ability to:

  • Unlock the power of your subconscious mind to gain psychic insight into your life and lives of others.
  • Solve challenging, seemingly insurmountable problems plaguing yourself and others using your innate intuition.
  • Tune into your spirt guides (the UNIVERSE’S collective power) for guidance in Spiritual Growth and Personal Development.
  • Learn how to perform Intuitive Psychic readings on yourself and other the same way professional intuitive readers do!


  • A series of eight lessons will be delivered on a weekly basis, emailed directly to you.
  • Each lesson includes an explanatory text, exercises, homework and a link to a guided meditation addressing the lesson’s theme.
  • This content gives you the tools and guidance to access the limitless well of collective knowledge, opening a door to a whole new world.
  • Ultimately, Activate Your Psychic Super Powers will blast your 3rd eye wide open, propelling you along the path of psychic and spiritual development.


Week 1 – Introduction to Psychic Intuition, Clairvoyance and Clairvoyant Readings, embracing your abilities, Psychic Readiness test, 1st mediation and homework assignment #1

Week 2 – Psychic reading preparation, including setting up your optimal space and environment, physical positioning and grounding; 2nd meditation and homework assignment #2

Week 3 – All about identifying and working with energy including earth, cosmic and combinations of both; 3rd meditation and homework assignment #3

Week 4 – Techniques to focus in on and hone your clairvoyant abilities, including centering yourself, becoming familiar with your spiritual center, opening your third eye and reading the images it presents to you;  4th meditation and homework assignment #4

Week 5 – Introduction to performing actual readings on yourself and others; 5th meditation and homework assignment #5

Week 6 – In-depth examination of clairvoyant reading techniques; 6th meditation and homework assignment #6

Week 7 – Introduction to additional clairvoyant techniques including clairaudience, telepathy and channeling spirits; 7th meditation and homework assignment #7

Week 8 – Introduction to predicting the future, tying all clairvoyant techniques together and program final conclusion

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Experience a Spiritual Awakening

The tools and training to access and develop your natural intuition are a HUGE part of the Activate Program. But there’s SO MUCH more to be gained. This is your opportunity to experience a genuine Spiritual Awakening!

Delving into your intuition, accessing the collective consciousness and embracing the Universe’s extraordinary energy opens your mind’s eye to a whole new reality. It literally pulls back the veil obscuring the conscious, rational, tangible world to reveal the powerful energy flowing all around us. The same energy that’s flowing through each and every person on this planet, and through the beings inhabiting all the worlds spread throughout our vast universe.

We’re all connected. And the Activate Program blasts the pathways to this connection WIDE OPEN.


Listen To What Excited Students Have to Say About the Activate Program!


“This training has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences I have had on my psychic development journey. Debra’s knowledge will take you places you have only dreamed of going. I am truly grateful for what she has helped me discover.”    -David K.

“I highly recommend this method to anyone seeking a spiritual path. You will not be disappointed with the results of your homework and sessions. I no longer feel I am without answers in life. I honestly feel that I am now more capable of delving within for personal change and spiritual guidance.”    -Kevin P.

“Oh my gosh…thank you soooo much and thank you Universe! I have really been putting out there for my talents, gifts and abilities to show up…to give you a brief snapshot…


I had a near death experience, was a speaker for 6 years…am trained in far too many modalities to mention…became an Access Consciousness Bars facilitator….I did three remote healings on people…I had not even spoken with these women about anything other than to schedule the session…I picked up on their core beliefs, had amazing conversations with their energies, was seeing colors and then poof as quickly as it came…away it went…I stepped out of being a Bars facilitator….I have looked into past lifetimes where my eyes were gouged out, stabbed, burned alive, etc. etc. etc…..”

I am beyond happy that I found your Activate Your Psychic Super Powers Course…when I was a speaker and Bars facilitator…those were the only times I felt passionate about anything…I know I am incredibly intuitive and I have done other readings on people… I am soooo excited! Another HUGE thank you."    -Lori



debbieDebra Lynn Katz

A renowned psychic and educator, Debra Lynne Katz is the author of You Are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading & Healing; Extraordinary Psychic; and Freeing the Genie Within. Debra’s mission is to show people that psychic abilities are not rare, or unique to a few gifted individuals: they are as natural as reading and writing. Through her books, group training, private sessions, and The International School of Clairvoyance (a school Debra founded) she is helping individuals from all over the world to tap into their innate psychic powers. Debra holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work, a B.A. in psychology and resides in the desert of Southern California.


About Page

Krishanti Wahla

The program’s co-creator, Krishanti is a psychic intuitive consultant who provides the soothing voice you hear on the audio meditations. Krishanti helps her clients make decisions, resolve long-standing issues, and re-align their energies so they can achieve their goals and ultimately find greater happiness and fulfillment in all areas of life. She conducts basic intuitive consultations, chakra readings and clearings, and past life readings. She resides in the Los Angeles area.

Today is the Day That Could Change Your Life!

If you’re visiting this website and have read this far down the page, odds are you have a genuine interest in psychic development.

Maybe you’ve been curious about psychic intuition for a while. Maybe you’ve investigated similar psychic development programs (in which case you’ve noticed most aren’t cheap). Perhaps you’ve even had a psychic reading, and wondered if you could do the same yourself.


Here’s your chance to find out! And in the process open a door to a WHOLE NEW WORLD with the potential to genuinely CHANGE YOUR LIFE.