Activate Your Psychic Super Powers

Have You Ever Dreamed You Could be Psychic?

Now you can make that dream a reality – in ONLY 8 SHORT WEEKS!



Anyone Can Be Psychic.

Contrary to what you may think, accessing your intuition and your own innate psychic abilities doesn’t require a “special gift,” nor is it some supernatural quality you’re born with. In fact, anyone can do it. And it’s not hard. All you need to develop these abilities is an open mind, a willingness to learn, and the patience to train your imagination to guide you into your subconscious and connect to the collective energy of the universe.

And this powerful new eCourse, Activate Your Psychic Super Powers (from renowned author and psychic intuitive Debra Lynne Katz & in-demand intuitive consultant Krishanti Wahla), shows you how, step-by-step, to access and refine your own intuitive powers in 8 easy-to-follow lessons, each packaged with an audio recording to guide you through the process. 

Learn How To Tap into Your Innate Psychic & Intuitive Super Powers

The power of the universe – to answer questions, settle dilemmas and solve problems – is within your grasp. You just need to know how to access this nearly limitless well of collective knowledge. And Activate Your Psychic Super Powers will blast your 3rd eye wide open, guiding you along the path of psychic development by showing you how to:

  • Run your energy and center yourself so you’re putting your mind, body, and spirit into the optimal condition for psychic work
  • Get psychic insight for yourself regarding a person or situation
  • Do a reading for someone else
  • Compare a situation to get the best outcome
  • Connect with other sources of guidance
  • End readings properly so you can conserve and protect your energy

Learn How to Solve Problems, Manage Relationships & Improve Your Life (and the lives of others) Intuitively

Would you believe your intuition, and how you interpret it, directly impacts the peace and harmony you achieve in your daily life?

You have to deal with problems, manage relationships, and make tough decisions every day. Your ability to access, interpret and apply your intuition determines how well you navigate this daily minefield. And when you Activate Your Psychic Super Powers – using the powerful techniques in this course – you’re one step closer to managing your life from a more balanced and centered perspective, bringing you closer to the peace and harmony you desire. 

But what’s even more amazing is you can also do the same thing for others! That’s right; Activate Your Psychic Super Powers gives you the tools and knowledge to apply your intuitive skills to actually do readings for others. You can tap into the collective conscious of the universe to answer questions, offer guidance, and make predictions about life issues, big and small, for friends, family, and even complete strangers. 

How well you’re able to access, interpret and apply your intuition makes all the difference in these situations. And when you Activate Your Psychic Super Powers — using the powerful and proven techniques in this course — you’re one step closer to managing your life from a more balanced and centered and perspective, achieving the peace and harmony we all desire.

Learn How to Harness, Develop & Refine Your Natural Intuitive Abilities

Maybe you already have some skills under your belt: you might feel the emotions of others, know what someone is going to say before they say it, or sense whether it’s safe to get in that car or on that airplane. But do you actually know how to conjure up specific clairvoyant visions or hear messages from your guides as clearly as you would like, whenever you desire?

If you are ready to master all of your psychic super powers, then this course is for you. You’ll learn specific techniques and will be guided through powerful meditations that will help you to connect with your psychic abilities so that you can read the past, present and future.

Now for the first time, this information is presented in a unique online format in which students can work at their own pace and enjoy the benefit of listening to fun, relaxing and incredibly powerful healing audio meditations that will help them cope with all aspects of life.



Listen to what Satisfied Students Have to Say About this Fantastic eCourse!

“This training has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences I have had on my psychic development journey. Debra’s knowledge will take you places you have only dreamed of going. I am truly grateful for what she has helped me discover.”

    -David K.

“I highly recommend this method to anyone seeking a spiritual path. You will not be disappointed with the results of your homework and sessions. I no longer feel I am without answers in life. I honestly feel that I am now more capable of delving within for personal change and spiritual guidance.”

    -Kevin P.

Oh my gosh…thank you soooo much and thank you Universe! I have really been putting out there for my talents, gifts and abilities to show up…to give you a brief snapshot…

I had a near death experience, was a speaker for 6 years…am trained in far too many modalities to mention…became an Access Consciousness Bars facilitator….I did three remote healings on people…I had not even spoken with these women about anything other than to schedule the session…I picked up on their core beliefs, had amazing conversations with their energies, was seeing colors and then poof as quickly as it came…away it went…I stepped out of being a Bars facilitator….I have looked into past lifetimes where my eyes were gouged out, stabbed, burned alive, etc. etc. etc…..

I am beyond happy that I found your Activate Your Psychic Super Powers Course…when I was a speaker and Bars facilitator…those were the only times I felt passionate about anything…I know I am incredibly intuitive and I have done other readings on people…

I am sooo excited!!

Another HUGE thank you,



 In only 8 weeks, you’ll learn:

  • What clairvoyant reading is all about and why it’s so easy to master
  • How to prepare yourself to do a reading
  • The importance of running and calling back your energy, and working with your aura
  • How to open your third eye to begin seeing psychic visions
  • The Clairvoyant Technique: reading yourself and others
  • How to read and improve relationships and goals
  • Psychic hearing & channeling, and how to hear and work with your guides
  • The art of combining clairvoyance with instant knowing and telepathy





 Debra Lynn Katz

A renowned psychic and educator, Debra Lynne Katz is the author of You Are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading & Healing; Extraordinary Psychic; and Freeing the Genie Within. Debra’s mission is to show people that psychic abilities are not rare, or unique to a few gifted individuals: they are as natural as reading and writing. Through her books, group training, private sessions, and The International School of Clairvoyance (a school Debra founded) she is helping individuals from all over the world to tap into their innate psychic powers. Debra holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work, a B.A. in psychology and resides in the desert of Southern California.



Krishanti Wahla

The course’s co-creator, Krishanti is a psychic intuitive consultant who provides the soothing voice you hear on the audio meditations. Krishanti helps her clients make decisions, resolve long-standing issues, and re-align their energies so they can achieve their goals and ultimately find greater happiness and fulfillment in all areas of life. She conducts basic intuitive consultations, chakra readings and clearings, and past life readings. She resides in the Los Angeles area.



Do You Want to Make a Positive Change in Your Life?

Tap into your innate intuition, develop and refine your natural abilities, solve problems for yourself and others, and answer any burning question that’s on your mind with the Activate Your Psychic Super Powers e-course. 

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